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Aimee Waters

Aimee Waters, Here Is Her Story . . .


Story by Sheryel Aschfort, Photography by Sheryel Aschfort and The Polo Paparazzi

































Aimee started riding horses at age 7. She took lessons for a few years riding English and having no fear.Aimee learned to jump by riding through pastures and jumping fences on a friends farm in Philadelphia where she grew up.


Aimee got her first horse in Jr high school a 15 hand Appaloosa and started competing in hunter-jumper classes through high school. College was not the place for a horse , but College was C.U. in Boulder Colorado and the mountains were certainly meant for riding so after College Aimee bought two horses and rode Western Trails in Colorado for a few years.


Then horseless for many years she returned to Florida and began trail riding western again, in the late 1990's.Purchased a Paint horse Ranch and started competing in trail events.


.In 2005 the family's passion turned to surfing and boating and the Ranch was sold.
Fast forward to late 2010 Aimee and I meet,as you all know I am a Polo Photographer love horses and am passionate about the sport. So I get a group of girl friends together to take polo lessons with me from a polo referee friend Jesse Hughes..Aimee says she's game anything to get back on the horse again.


Well she took to polo like a fish to water and in a few short months and some hard work with Jesse and then professional Polo instructor Marcello Cabesa Aimee was able to compete in Beach Polo in Miami in April 2011. Interviewed by TV and the news gave her Rock Star status and a very strong passion to continue.


October 1st and 2nd of this year Aimee played Beach Polo in Chicago for Grey Goose the event sponsor. Well Our little Polo Rock Star wins again and is quickly getting noticed. So if you're at a Polo match one day and see a tiny Blond woman with a pink Helmet and feathers flying from her hair it just might be our Aimee Waters


. Aimee lives in Jupiter Florida,is not yet a rated player... but watch out even in her 50s she is a very,shiny rising star.I am putting it out there ,she still to this day has no fear and is playing as often as possible at GulfStream Polo Club in Lake Worth Fl.Aimee is continuing to compete and you haven't heard the last of her..Check her out in Miami Beach 2012