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More Changes Needed


By Ron Allen


As polo continues to flounder it has become obvious that additional new rules need to be adapted to prevent further erosion of the game. The obsolete concept of changing direction after each goal makes the game difficult to follow for spectators and potential television viewers alike. The excuse that the 10 acre field is too big for TV is unacceptable. ESPN Polo in Argentina has proven that for over 15 years.


In April there is going to be a 30-goal tournament in Argentina that will test new ideas to improve the game. They include: only one 10 goal player per team, a nine horse limit per player, a knock in after each goal from the sixty yard line and an eighty yard two point play.


Kudos to the AAP for having the grit to work toward viable solutions to get polo back on track in a positive way. Meanwhile, the USPA continues to sit on its hands waiting for someone else to take the initiative to go forward with creative concepts and ideas. For decades they have been merely playing ‘follow the leader’.