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Inside Polo 17

INSIDE POLO with Ron Allen


With an unusual schedule of ten games in two days the semi finals have been decided for the Gold Cup in South Florida. Valiente was first to qualify for the semis with a 10 to 7 win over Audi. Santi Torres (6) leading the charge with 5 goals for Valiente. Orchard Hill then knocked out Piaget with a 12-7 win.


Alegria won with an OT goal from Hilario Ulloa (9) to put Coke out of the running. Lechuza led the entire game besting ERG 10-7. The win gives them a 3-0 and a trip to the semi-finals. Zorzal destroyed Mt. Brilliant 12-4.


On day two, Zacara became the third team to advance to the semi finals by beating Audi 16 to 10. Lechuza kept their hopes alive with a two-goal win over Orchard Hill. The fifth game saw ERG beat Piaget in what looked more like a practice game.


Three teams made it to the semis with 3 & 0 records and the 4th was decided by a very complicated five team shootout format which took almost two hours to complete. The end result has Valiente playing Alegria and Lechuza going against Zacara.


Cambiaso riding a pony for the shoot outCambiaso riding a pony for the shootout

Zacara patron Lyndon Lea was injured in his last game and it’s uncertain if he’ll be recovered in time for their game against Vargas’ Lechuza team.

Lyndon Lea

Lyndon Lea – Zacara


The semi final games are slated for Wednesday March 20th with the winners advancing to the championship match on Sunday March 24th.


Ron Allen reports on polo for ESPN Television and Pololine TV