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Maserati Start of Polo World Tour at Snow Polo

Photos by Tullio M. Puglia

695440407TP032 Maserati Pol695440407TP033 Maserati Pol695440407TP034 Maserati Pol695440407TP035 Maserati Pol695440407TP036 Maserati Pol695440407TP037 Maserati Pol695440407TP038 Maserati Pol695440407TP039 Maserati Pol695440407TP040 Maserati Pol695440407TP041 Maserati Pol695440407TP042 Maserati Pol695440407TP043 Maserati Pol695440407TP044 Maserati Pol695440407TP045 Maserati Pol695440407TP046 Maserati Pol695440407TP047 Maserati Pol695440407TP048 Maserati Pol695440407TP049 Maserati Pol695440407TP050 Maserati Pol695440407TP051 Maserati Pol695440407TP052 Maserati Pol695440407TP053 Maserati Pol695440407TP054 Maserati Pol695440407TP055 Maserati Pol

Polo player Malcolm Borwick poses in a Maserati Levante during Snow Polo World Cup St. Morits 2017 

695440407TP056 Maserati Pol

Giacomo Agostini

695440407TP057 Maserati Pol695440407TP058 Maserati Pol695440407TP059 Maserati Pol695440407TP060 Maserati Pol695440407TP061 Maserati Pol695440407TP062 Maserati Pol

Swiss entrepreneur Thomas Borer and Countess Dell Swinburne695440407TP064 Maserati Pol695440407TP065 Maserati Pol695440407TP066 Maserati Pol695440407TP067 Maserati Pol695440407TP068 Maserati Pol695440407TP069 Maserati Pol695440407TP070 Maserati Pol695440407TP071 Maserati Pol695440407TP072 Maserati Pol695440407TP073 Maserati Pol695440407TP074 Maserati Pol695440407TP075 Maserati Pol695440407TP076 Maserati Pol695440407TP077 Maserati Pol695440407TP078 Maserati Pol695440407TP079 Maserati Pol695440407TP080 Maserati Pol695440407TP081 Maserati Pol695440407TP082 Maserati Pol695440407TP083 Maserati Pol695440407TP084 Maserati Pol695440407TP085 Maserati Pol695440407TP086 Maserati Pol695440407TP087 Maserati Pol695440407TP088 Maserati Pol695440407TP089 Maserati Pol695440407TP090 Maserati Pol695440407TP091 Maserati Pol695440407TP092 Maserati Pol695440407TP093 Maserati Pol695440407TP094 Maserati Pol695440407TP095 Maserati Pol695440407TP096 Maserati Pol

Ski star Giorgio Rocca (L) and Maserati Switzerland CEO Piergiorgio Cecco and the Maserati Levante at Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz 2017695440407TP097 Maserati Pol695440407TP098 Maserati Pol695440407TP099 Maserati PolGiorgio Rocca695440407TP100 Maserati Pol695440407TP101 Maserati Pol695440407TP102 Maserati Pol695440407TP103 Maserati Pol695440407TP104 Maserati Pol695440407TP105 Maserati Pol695440407TP106 Maserati Pol695440407TP107 Maserati Pol695440407TP108 Maserati Pol695440407TP109 Maserati Pol695440407TP110 Maserati Pol695440407TP111 Maserati Pol695440407TP112 Maserati Pol695440407TP113 Maserati Pol695440407TP114 Maserati Pol695440407TP115 Maserati Pol695440407TP116 Maserati Pol695440407TP117 Maserati Pol